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o3 : Ozone

o3 : Ozone : Activated Tri-atomic Oxygen

Ozone was discovered by Christian Friedrich
Schönbein in 1840, who noted ozone appeared
during thunderstorms and named the gas ozone for
its peculiar smell (ozo is Greek for smell). The
word ozone comes from the Greek word ozein
meaning "smell".

Ozone has unrivalled properties of odour and
bacteria killing. It is a natural disinfectant that
acts 3000 times faster than bleach. It has a
successful past in being applied to wounds to kill
gangrene in the 50's, and more recently for killing
'hospital-borne' infections such as MRSA and C
Movie courtesy of :
Robert Simmon, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center
Scientific Visualization Studio
O + electric charge = 2 O   ...  O  + O = O
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Ozone is naturally created in the earth's upper
atmosphere by UV rays from the sun to form a 3mm thick
layer which protects the earth from the sun's rays.In the
troposphere, ozone is created by UV light and lightening
strikes - this is the fresh smell you get after a thunder

Ozone is also naturally produced by white blood cells and the
roots of marigolds as a means of destroying foreign bodies.

Ozone, used properly, at the right low-level
concentrations has many benefits, in the food, hygiene
and infection/germ control fields.
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